About Foor

Designed by triathletes for triathletes our design philosophy has always been to create the best triathlon open water swimming suits, no matter your standard, technique or budget, and to experience a range of wetsuits that works with you and provides you with huge open water advantages. Cutting out the techno-babble that other wetsuits brands try to bamboozle the market place with, we at Foor simply use the best neoprene, the best panel cuts, and the best manufacturers. Then we test and test some more, not just with professional swimmers but novice and age groupers, as their feedback is crucial in helping us create our suits. Then we test once again - until we have reached open water perfection!

When you swim in one of our suits you’ll realize that open water swimming doesn’t need to be a struggle, with our one piece arm to arm panel (no other wetsuit manufacture uses this technique Yet!). You’ll have full freedom of movement with no restrictions coupled with perfect head to toe buoyancy you’ll understand why we have Foresight Over Our Rivals...

We at foor have been making swimming wetsuits since 1999. Our vast open water experience and knowledge made us realize that a superior range of wetsuits was required in the triathlon market place. FOOR wetsuits was the result!